I design clean, content-focused websites that promote ease of use on a wide range of devices.

Your audience is everywhere. Your content matters. Why would you give anyone anything but an enjoyable and complete experience?

Many websites don't address the rising percentage of mobile visitors but want to serve them as well as they do desktop viewers. But it's not just about whittling down content and design features and giving mobile visitors a half-baked experience. It's about starting with your content and building a responsive interface around it that treats all devices as equals.

Content first.

A cluttered website frustrates its audience. Your visitors care about what you have to say. It is your job to make sure they get what they want with as little effort as possible and without any distractions.


Responsive websites change how they display your content so it's presented in the best way possible on screens of every size.

Latest technologies.

Code as elegant as your design using the web's latest language versions, HTML5 and CSS3. Fully standards-compliant and feature-rich.

One of a kind.

Your website should be a reflection of yourself. Every one of my custom sites is completely unique and tailored specifically around your needs.

From Start to Finish

About Me

My name is Teagan Atwater, and I have been designing websites for seven years – since I was twelve. I got hooked when I started creating a replacement site for my elementary school, which they used for two years. I am equal parts logical and artistic, and creating websites melds both sides of my brain together in one stimulating mental exercise. If you are interested in seeing some of my design experiments, please check out my sandbox.

In addition to website design I enjoy being outdoors. I am a road cyclist and mountain biker, I've been whitewater canoeing for four years and sailing for two, and I love both nordic and alpine skiing, skating, and camping.


This is what one person said about me. If it's any good it begins with a doubt the customer had and how they were pleasantly surprised. Customer, Project