I take care from start to finish, ensuring you get the best result possible to fit your needs.

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You have a reason for being on the web. You have things to say and to show, an audience that cares about you and what you offer, and now the opportunity to serve them as well as you can. Being sure to say what you need in an organized, well-structured manner and providing access to this information with as little in the way is of utmost importance.

Content Strategy

Message Honing
Copy Editing
Information Architecture


User Experience
Branding and Identity



The Process

Every project is unique and should be approached with this in mind. However, there is a logical progression toward a successful result.

Listen, organize, and plan

As incredibly important as this is, it is often downplayed. Before any designing takes place it is imperative that I get to know you. This phase is full of questions, because understanding your goals and your uniqueness will help construct a solid foundation.

Design, craft, and tweak

Because of how much emphasis is put into the previous stage, less time is spent here trying to figure out what exactly you want.

Finalize, launch, and look ahead

When the design is perfect, it is time to...

The Guarantee

Entrusting your business to a contractor can be daunting and nerve-wracking. What if you don't like what the end result? Don't fret. On each invoice, if you are significantly dissatisfied with any part of the design since the previous payment, just cross it off and return it with the balance. I will delete the changes at no charge and give it another go. Since you will have access to a live in-progress version of your site throughout the process, tweaks can be made when they are small before they even become a problem.

Ready to begin? Great, so am I!