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Secret Shopping - Silent Service Assessment™

Higher Ed Reputation secret shopping consulting services provides institutional leadership a tool to both evaluate and monitor the quality of service provided to students and compliance with institutional and external regulations.

Many major industries use some form of secret shopping to help evaluate the quality of their services and products. It is very common for a bank or major retailer to secret shop their customer service operations to evaluate whether the service provided by employees is meeting both company and customer expectations. In our work with colleges and universities, we find that the quality of service provided by enrollment staff to prospective and returning students influences enrollment outcomes as well as external perceptions of the institution.

Our Silent Service Assessment™ makes use of secret shoppers trained to collect data and conduct evaluations of products and services according to specific research protocols within the higher education market. We consider all forms of service delivery including print and online media and the "in person" experience. This third - party unbiased perspective on the quality of service provided to students and parents helps colleges and universities develop student - centered customer service approaches by: