Our Mission

The Windsor Good News Electronics Recycling Education Corporation (WinCycle) shall strive to:

  1. Provide a mechanism to dispose of non-functional computers and electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible fashion. This includes:
    • Retrieving the working parts for use in repairs
    • Breaking down the remaining equipment into appropriate "streams" for disposal
    • Establishing a fee schedule for equipment disposal that reflects the cost of paying to dispose of hazardous materials
    • Reaching out to all elements of the community - individuals, organizations, schools, and businesses - to educate them to the problems associated with improper disposal of electronic equipment
    • Offering an environmentally safe alternative
  2. Provide functional computers and other equipment to educational institutions and non-profit charitable groups
  3. Use the recycling service as a site for educational training. To the extent possible, seek partnerships with Vermont and New Hampshire educational institutions
  4. Provide individuals in transition with valuable job skills
  5. Make the operation financially self-sufficient through the sale of components, equipment, and waste removal
  6. Structure the effort so that it can be a model program - one that can be adapted/adopted by other communities and assume responsibility for disseminating information about this initiative